01Fleic Technologies

Fleic Technologies has been a world leader in the development and manufacture of air-fed ozone generators for odor control and sanitation.

All of Fleic’s generators are based on our unique and innovative patented Technology. Our advanced design and manufacturing capabilities enable us to make product modifications according to customers’ country, application and commercial needs.
Fleic is a fast responding company, providing comprehensive technical support to our distributors together with reliable, robust, and outstanding performing products.

02Fleic Ethylene Generator

As a quality arranged exporter, manufacturer and supplier, we are compelled to offer our customers great quality Fleic Ripe Ethylene Generator. The offered generator is made by utilizing the best quality parts and dynamic innovation. Our gave generator is very refreshing in the business sector for its elements such as simple utilization and tough development. To satisfy the necessities of the customers our array of Fleic Ripe Ethylene Generator is made accessible in different models and plans.

03Fleic Ultrasonic Technology

Ultrasound humidification maintains the hydration of products with micro-particles of water with a diameter of less than 5 microns. These particles dispersed in the environment following the flow of refrigeration circulation. In this way they homogeneously reach every corner of the cold room.

The particles generated by ultrasound have a truly unique action for the preservation of fruits and vegetables! Through the stomata positioned on the epidermis of the fruits the ultrasonic mist penetrates into the products and naturally replenishes the right degree of internal humidity.

The particles of water suspended in the air do not freeze and do not have negative effects on the refrigeration of the cold room. No adjustments to the normal defrost cycles are necessary.

Fleic ultrasonic technology promotes faster, more efficient refrigeration with less energy consumption. It allows to maintain a lower storage temperature, without deteriorating the stored products.

20Average day the consumption of water
5Water with a diameter
8Available models of the device
50Percentage wilting and prolong shelf-life of stored products.
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