Ultrasonic Cold Storage Humidifier

One of the important variables in cold storage, along with heat, is humidity. The fact that cold storage has the appropriate humidity levels based on the characteristics and needs of the product is very important. A product, which is stored in appropriate humidity levels, maintains its quality, endures storage for longer periods and has minimum weight loss. In order to reach appropriate humidity values, it is necessary to:

  1. install cooling system with the correct configuration
  2. provide the necessary humidity to the cool room through a separate humidifying device.

Electronic humidifying devices, with the brand name, OCTOHUMI developed by Cantek, use ultrasonic vibrations to send water droplets into cold room so that water molecules are dispersed throughout the room. Therefore, water turns into vapour mist, gets absorbed into the air and the humidity level in the room increases, keeping the necessary humidity rate stable for product stored in the room.


  • Continuous humidification with atomised water particles
  • Humidity easily absorbed by products
  • Easy installation in and out of a cold room
  • An operating system that does not emit heat into the room
  • Running for longer periods of time (5,000 hours of continuous running) and efficient energy savings
  • Aesthetically pleasing design and ergonomic sizes as well as advanced technology
  • Optimal solutions through various capacity alternatives

“Show your cold room plan and we provide you with the most appropriate configuration of humidification free of charge.”

Storing products within the correct humidity levels brings significant gains to users in the long term. For example, consider a red meat cold room in which carcass meat of 100 cattle is stored for 12 hours a day. In one scenario, meat is stored with 75% of humidity level, and in the other, it is stored with 95% of controlled humidity. The difference in the amounts of profits between the two scenarios caused by the wastage of products due to humidity levels on a yearly basis is more than €700,000.


Ultrasonic Humidifier
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