Ozone gas

  •  Extend shelf-life of food
  • Air-borne microbiological control
  • Surface sanitation can be maintained
  • Odour control
  • Eliminate mold growth in cold storage
    Ozone gas can be distributed throughout a cold storage facility at low levels
    Ozone-sterilized ice is used to pack fresh fish and seafood to prolong freshness
    Ozone gas is used in meat coolers to inhibit microbiological growth and extend shelf life
    Ozone is dissolved into water to wash fruits and vegetables and remove mold and bacteria
    Low levels of ozone gas can be used in containers to prolong shelf life upon delivery
    Dissolved ozone is used to wash meat and poultry to remove bacteria and extend refrigerated shelf life
    Food to be stored in ozonized atmospheres should be packed to allow circulation of the ozone and air
    Ozone control of mold and spores is best conducted in relative high humidity areas
Ozone Generator
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